Wandering In The Bush - CD 

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MUSIC CD   'Wandering In The Bush'  - Greg Hastings

7 Interactive children's songs & Didgeridoo 

A complete recording of  the 'Wandering In The Bush Show'  with Greg Hastings & Linda Gillan (2006) 

As performed in SCHOOLS and FESTIVALS worldwide  - INCLUDES written instructions for actions.   

Photo-story BOOK  -  for young readers

'Walking In The Bush - Australia'  Linda Gillan & Greg Hastings

The book is based on a song from the 'Wandering In The Bush show', written by Greg Hastings during school tours of 38 remote Aboriginal communities of North Western Australia between 1988 - 1993.  Greg and Linda have shared the show with children of all ages and nationalities, bringing an insight into the special uniqueness of the land of Australia, its animals and Aboriginal culture.  

All photos were taken during school tours in regional areas of Australia. 

'Walking In The Bush - Australia' is compiled and produced by Linda Gillan 


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                                  Wandering In The Bush Show & Music CD are copyright (c) Greg Hastings (2006) all rights reserved 

                                  Walking In The Bush - Australia  Book is copyright Linda Gillan and Greg Hastings (2012) all rights reserved